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Oct, 2023

Bulldog Raffle winners

October 2nd Ticket Winner F. Agyekum #0625 
October 3rd Ticket Winner R. Cureton # 0544
October 4th Ticket Winner  A.B # 0520
October 5th Ticket Winner # K Draper #1299
October 6th Ticket Winner M Singh # 1199
October 9th Ticket Winner J Almonte #1008
October 10th Ticket Winner L.Carter #  1042 
October 11th Ticket Winner P.Krenn # 1197
October 12th Ticket Winner L.Smith # 0296
October 13th Ticket Winner  K.Baile #0599
October 16th Ticket winner T Batts # 0226
October 17th Ticket Winner J.Draper #0080 
October 18th Ticket Winner  K. Moncriette #1230
October 19th Ticket Winner C.Osborne  # 0904
October 20th Ticket winner A.Aboushi# 0558

October 23rd Ticket winner P.Krenn #1200
October 24th Ticket winner J.Whittle #0566
October 25th Ticket winner T.Garland #0990
October 26th Ticket Winner H.Reavis #0459
October 30th Ticket Winner     #0297 
October 31st Ticket Winner  C.  Streit # 0815
November 1st Ticket winner S Calandrielo #0133
November 2nd Ticket winner R Thompson # 0221
November 3rd Ticket Winner M. Vazquez # 0926
November 6th Ticket winner M.Diaz # 0257
November  7th Ticket winner J.Sparrow #0075
November 8th Ticket Winner Olivia Ngo # 1152
November 9th Ticket Winner L.Smith # 0302
November 10th Ticket Winner B.Munez #0398
November 13th Ticket Winner T.Thompson #0774 
November 14th Ticket Winner A Lindo # 0158 
November 15th Ticket winner  Y. Beato #0043
November 16th Ticket winner J .Thornton # 0231
November 17th Ticket winner T. Green # 0188
November 20th winner K Holland #0238
November 21st Ticket Winner M. Salin  #0686
November 22nd Ticket Winner T. Evans #0281 
November 23rd Ticket Winner S. Lee #0614
November 24th Ticket Winner K.Rios #0153
November 27th Ticket Winner B. Taylor #1202
November 28th Ticket Winner B.Hannan #0705
December 1st Ticket Winner A. Aboushi #0562
December 4nd Ticket Winner H. Elizabeth-Holmes #0293
December 5rd Ticket Winner  L. Lowe #1040
December 7th Ticket Winner W. Rodriguez #0168
December 8th Ticket Winner R Brendra #0463 
December 11th Ticket Winner H Reavis #101
December 12th Ticket winner M. Branch #1176
December 13th Ticket winner S Antonelli # 1012
December 14th Ticket Winner K. Ross-Duggan # 0951
December 15th Ticket winner C. Streit #0815
December 18th Ticket Winner J. Vernaglia #0140

December 19th Ticket Winner L. Banks #0993
December 20th Ticket Winner E Turner # 1243
December 21st Ticket Winner M Reaves #1283
December 22nd Ticket Winner Y.Moses #0403
December 25th Ticket Winner L Kufta # 0114
December 26th Ticket Winner A.Ankral #1130
December 27th Ticket Winner E Andrews #1130
December 28th Ticket Winner M Giles # 0286
December 29th Ticket Winner M Singh #1199

Thank you to everyone who participated! 


Back by popular demand is the Bulldogs calendar raffle fundraiser. This is a mandatory fundraiser for our program to help generate funds to help offset the cost of our future  postseason expenses for all of our cheerleading and football teams. Your full cooperation is greatly needed to have a successful fundraiser. 


Each member of the bulldogs will be given 10 tickets to sell, with each calendar raffle costing $10.00.  Bulldog families are responsible for turning the money in, with the completed stub for each calendar by September 29th.  If calendars are lost, the parents are responsible for the value of the calendars.


Here's is how to play:

Simply purchase a ticket from a Bulldog football or Cheerleader for $10 , fill out the bottom portion of the ticket and pay $10 for each ticket. Starting October 2nd we will hold a daily drawing for the winning ticket. If your ticket is pulled you will win $50.00 cash. We will post the winning ticket on the bulldog website and you will also be contacted by us to assure you are receiving the prize. Your ticket is then returned back into the pot where you can win again the next day, week or at the end of the month. Your ticket will also be eligible to be drawn for the following months of November and December. In all you will have 66 days to win multiple times if your ticket is pulled. Not bad for $10.00 bucks!

Please be reminded that this is a fundraiser for our kids. So, let's have some fun raising money to give our kids the best experience possible this season.
Remaining proceeds will go towards the Bulldogs football and cheerleading organization.

Tickets will be issued during practice tonight.
First drawing is Monday October 2nd

Go Bulldogs



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